How colorful the life is now.  This is what came to my mind the very first time those packets of colorful sand were placed in front of me. I went deeper into that thought and instantly it came to my mind what is  it that makes my life so blissful. Some sort of a negative feeling has been dissipated from my life. Yes it has. My life now is what I wanted it to be – Self dependent.

 Ever since in the workshop with Tahirey, we were given that material (colorful sand) to play and experiment with, I could only think of what I just mentioned.

 We had to produce an artwork which talked about one of our own qualities or a part of our life which described or influenced us.

 In my artwork, I portrayed me and my younger brother successfully coming out of a complex and dependant life of my house where the decisions for us were taken by the third generation elders instead of our own parents. I tried to show the problems that we faced due to the generation gap between us and our grand parents and how we conquered that and reached our goal of self driven behavior. I have carefully chosen the colors of the sand to demonstrate the state of the humans individually in that particular frame.

ImageAs seen in the picture above, I used the yellow, green and blue colors to show mine, my brother’s and my parents’ life and aspirations. Full of greenery and regardless of ‘Stop’ as symbolized by the red which is the word and feeling that comes out of my grandparents life. Always a NO for any smallest of the things

ImageI used various sizes of the character symbolizing cylinders to portray the position of the person in the house. The longest red cylinder signifies my grandfather who always is against our thoughts and ideas – who probably has his own thinking which he expects today’s generation to follow.

The middle-sized blue and yellow cylinders symbolize my parents who although have a higher position than us in the house, have a neutral say in the decisions for us – as suggested by their colors. But the fact is that they support us and know that we need to go ahead in life and face the world.

The other two smallest green cylinders – out of which one is even smaller symbolizing my younger brother, signify the ‘Go’ or willing to move ahead in life mindset. It shows they are away and won’t listen to the NOs and the IFs and BUTs.

I tried to show that how with the constant effort, we succeeded in moving ahead in life leaving behind all the negativeness.

ImageAnd even now, we have that connection with our family, but our life has become what we wanted it to be –  full of greenery and happiness.



A new Dimension!

Being a part of the college workshop after a much chaotic, busy and workaholic routine, I felt refreshed and I realized that all of a sudden my outlook towards what I was a part of has changed. While being a part of the seminar in which Tahireh displayed her works in the form of a presentation, I could feel how happy I was. This happiness was not because I was a little relaxed but this happiness was due to a new dimension that was added to my practice that day. The one that I realized after being there.

 I joined work to extend my practice towards a more practical world because I was a little dissatisfied about the extent of practicality that was there in my earlier research project – What is a living room. I wanted to go beyond and see how practical my topic for developing a futuristic design of a residence was. I wanted to know the implications of the current design trends and thoughts followed by the architects and designers practically.

 In the next reflection I would probably talk more about my experience at work but for now that feeling of refreshment! I realized that being in a company, although the practical aspects have taken a toll but I was completely cut off from the thought process or design thinking aspect. Everything to me appeared very superficial. I had just two things in mind – either people really only care about making business or maybe I am too slow for generating ideas.

 Being a part of the Wednesday workshop on 24th July, 2013, I was blown off by the extent of thought process applied to produce the works that Tahirey had produced. It was for me inspirational – the way she simply caught hold of the electro magnet and ran behind it until she could come up with something. Instantly I realized that yes one needs time to come up with something innovative and it is not merely some minute’s affair.

Another thing that inspired me yet again were Albert Einstein’s words – “You have to stay with a problem for long to have a solution out of it”. Tahirey kept on repeating these words which definitely were true in its sense and were ringing in my head that I have heard these somewhere. I ultimately recalled where I have read it. The whole workshop was magical for me.

I could easily connect with the material that was given to us for producing an artwork. It was so colorful and mesmerizing. The task given to us of bringing out one of our memories to portray our own self made me think in this other direction as well – that design thinking is the most important aspect of developing anything innovative. The purest thing is produced when you think yourself. It occurred to me that only by thinking about my memories, the smallest of elements linked to my smallest of memories, and by staying with that one thing for long, I can produce marvelous ideas and works. Further, by staying with them longer, I can also come up with the ways of how to bring my idea alive and how to spread it across the world. This discovery was indeed blissful.

 I realized, that I no longer was thinking about why do I have to do this, what is it that I am going to gain from this workshop, it is nowhere related to my field my practicality or subjectivity. I was happy about this. I was simply taking in what was being given out there with a joyful attitude. I also confronted that this feeling was mainly because I was gleeful to have this amalgamation of acquiring practical knowledge outside and design thinking and development inside of Srishti.

I am happy because the decision that I took after a lot of thought and baffle proved out to be working for me. The act of reflecting on what I went through in the seminar and workshop is further adding up to my happiness because I am again realizing the extent and scope of work that has to be done by generating new ideas – limitless!