Bio Mimicry

I attended the talk on 10th Jan, 2014 which was on Bio Mimicry. The talk was by Tom Mckeag who is the founder and president of the Bio Dream Machine which is a nonprofit public benefit corporation organized for educational purposes and headquartered in San Rafael, California.

This talk explained what bio mimicry is and how can one learn various things from nature. As per the seminar, bio-mimicry is getting inspired by the bio-world and using the principles for coming up with design by using modern methods and technology.

While attending the seminar and knowing about how small observations from nature can lead to solutions of big problems in reality, I was strongly attracted towards this idea. The principle of sticking on to the walls by the lizards was used by humans to make equipment that could be easily stuck on glass for cleaning.

The ideas and designs shown in the seminar were overwhelming but it made me wonder that there are so many things around us to draw inspiration from. If I choose to get inspired by one thing, I think it will be great if I become specialized for that particular thing and I keep researching and developing more on that particular inspiration.

I got immensely interested in bio-mimicry but the thoughts that are keeping me away are that, I got inspired by handicrafts from which I am now aiming to develop solutions and articles and other stuff. This kind of work is also immensely interesting, Now, if I wish to get a hang of it, I need to stay with this inspiration for long and do a lot of work.

During the seminar, I was filled with the thoughts of how to draw boundaries to specialise in one thing before moving onto the next one. I was also thinking whether it is really important to have boundaries? If not, then how should I balance my choices? There are so many things in the world that I wish to do, every new thing is interesting and attracts me to work with it, but how do I collaborate everything?

The seminar made me wonder, if at all I can use handicrafts and nature together to create new designs? Can I really do both at the same time. I was thinking throughout that these are just two of the many things out there which are interesting and can be used to draw inspiration from. How should a human being balance himself? I still am trying to figure out the answer to this which the seminar has imbibed in me. Wish to work so much, but for now, I have to do one thing at a time.


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