A chest of Resources!

Well the resources that have been catered to us are indeed incredible and a great encyclopedia from which I can draw a lot of inspirations and ideas.

 Some of the resources that were very inspiring and have proven to be  of great use are:

 1. Mythology of Indian Plants by Maneka Gandhi and Yasmin Singh:

 As I am personally interested in knowing the stories of mythology and history, it was a treasure for me to get this book as a resource which talks about the mythological stories about twenty nine native Indian trees. I have been enchanted and lost in these stories. The interesting part about the book is that it reasons the basic characters of the trees mentioned in the book by forming a story around it. For example, it says that the Coral Jasmine tree (Parijata) blooms only in the night because the princess Parijatha married the Sun God, Surya, who ditched her later and went back to the sky. Princess Parijatha died due to this apocalypse in her life and a tree grew out of her ashes. This tree bloomed only when the sun set and before the sun rise in the morning, all the flowers fell off the tree. The book also describes the basic scientific characters of each tree in brief.

 I always get attracted towards these stories and ancient realities. The moment I came across this book, it instantly occurred to my mind that I have to produce narratives and illustrations around these stories. Thus I thought of having story illustrations of the trees in my journal which brings about the story as well as the fact of the tree.

 2. Green Humor by Rohan Chakravarthy:

 While going through Rohan’s website, www.greenhumour.com, I was immensely impressed and set aback by looking at his works. Beside the enthralling illustrations and the humorous comic style, what more I liked about his work was that, each illustration had a fact and subsequent research behind it. Nothing in his illustrations was present just for comic sake. I really liked his interpretation of the various things happening around the world and their effects on the nature. The way in which the real life incidents were brought out comically was enjoyable and inspiring.

 The works of Rohan Chakravarthy have inspired me to think beyond just looking at the trees for their botanical properties but has urged me to find things which are unsaid. I aim to narrate the stories of these trees in a different way so that the audiences of our journal blog get more and more interested.

3. M H Marigowda The Library at Lal Bagh:

 As I have already described my interest in bringing out the mythological and historical stories of the trees of Bangalore, I would be visiting the library at Lal Bagh with an intention of finding material revolving around the stories of these trees. In addition to this, it would be great to look at the artworks of the plants and trees of Lal Bagh and get inspired from to form my journal.

4. Such Treasure and Merchandize by Annamma Spudich:

This book seems to be a great book and feels like it can help me trace back the stories associated with the trees’ history and their existence in India.

5. Varna Mythri The Art of Rumale Chennabasaviah:

 The artworks of Rumale Chennabasaviah are truly inspirational and have incorporated ideas to generate the views of complete areas which the trees have covered in Bangalore. In addition to this, the style of painting is truly encapsulating. What I like about his style is the simple use of brush strokes and mix of colors to portray the actual piece of landscape.

6. Sangeetha Kadur:

I personally have been inspired to keep an artistic journal altogether by looking at the works of Sangeetha Kadur on her blog. I have fallen in love with this idea of hand sketching, drawing and painting to maintain a book of ideas and observations around us. I am sure that now that I have started on with this act of journal keeping, I will definitely get habitual to it and my journal will remain with me throughout to come up with ideas and tools for designing anything in life ahead.


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