The Green Heritage Walk

It was a Sunday morning, 7:00 a.m. What better could I have asked for than being in the Lal Bagh – the enchanting place between the trees in the mist of rain drops and a cool surrounding. The magical day was sparkled with the more alluring stories of Vijay Thiruvady about the trees that existed in the park.

 It was not at all a botanical exploratory talk but was an enchanting world of stories that was built by this old man. His passion for the trees and endless energy despite of him being on steroids enticed me more. I realised that day that the surrounding trees have a lot more to them than just being a source of food and ecology.

 The stories that were narrated by Mr. Thiruvady revolved around the historical significances of the trees . How each tree or each specie growing in India and specifically in Lal Bagh at that moment, was brought to the country and what all history went behind it – the rule of the Britishers, the exchange of tree seeds, the stealing of tea plantations for cultivating it on Indian land and a lot more.

 The walk through the woods left me with awe and I could just think of making these stories reach out to the people for awakening their interests in the trees from a different perspective. This feeling of amazement was also brought in by the way of story telling.

 I now gotto know the trees in this factual yet hidden way. Also, I am thinking of how can I bring these stories to a platform where they can be easily reachable by people.

 Well, the day was not yet over! There was a surprise for all of us present there – the lavish and elaborate breakfast at one of the oldest restaurants of Bangalore – MTR with grape juice, rava idli, masala and plain dosa, gulab jamun and coffee.

 Being in Bangalore for nearly an year and a half, I had never looked at the garden city and the trees the way I was looking at now. I feel more curious to know about their history and being a part of the narrative!


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