Tree-ick or Tree-ting

It was the first day of the tree-ick or tree-t project and what we did was crucial for all of us to stay connected to the project over the given period of time for which we had been attached to the project.

The idea of starting the course by forming stories around the trees which had their roots in our memories was a trigger to our minds to realize how trees actually are an integral part of life. 

Talking about my story, I was initially thinking of a memory which came instantly to my mind about a huge and very old Banyan tree at my school. Its canopy and form were the key features which made it the center for playing, snack serving during recess, correction place for teachers and also leisure time. But as soon as we were asked to map the trees of our memories in our surroundings, my banyan tree memory was replaced by an enjoyable memory of stopping by a tamarind tree to pluck its fruits while traveling between two towns.

While we were all roaming around the area, listening to the stories of the others, I realized that it is not just one, there are countless memories that are linked to the trees which otherwise I never realized and looked at it that way – those precious moments which made my childhood so playful.

Thus, this activity of storytelling served as a trigger for many memories surrounding the trees and making me realize the role of trees in my life.

The second session of the day, where I encountered the historical narratives of Bangalore’s landscape and the city’s existence, lead me to the state of awe. The stories of the discovery of the city and the development of its landscape by Kempegowda, Tipu Sultan and the Britishers were enchanting.

It made me wonder that every tree has some story attached to it, and it will be phenomenal to trace back these stories and attach a history to the botanical and biological aspect of the trees of Bangalore. In other words, watching the trick behind the tree in addition to the way it treats us.

The day was perfect to start with and build interest in what we were to do in the month to come!




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