Increasing use of Screen Based Media

The world at present is drifting in the ubiquitous technology developed by the human species which uses screens for its manifestation. This technology has become perseverant and has replaced most forms of entertainment by its peerless form – the screen or frame.

 Print media, electronic media, new age media (internet and mobile phones), sports and games are all being taken over by the screen based technology. As this automated machinery has endorsed all the forms of entertainment it has formed a new generation media which can be called as the screen based media.

 The screen based media is now rendered smarter and is made to complement the movement of the humans’ touch or actions. Due to the ease of operation and learning, the touch and sensor based screen media has been readily accepted by the other humans. This phase may also be referred to as the technological revolution.

 Screen based media has intervened in every activity of human being and in a smarter way. Smarter here means that the screen has become intelligent enough to initially give us the platform to choose what we want, then providing the ways we want to do it and then finally implementing what we want. Due to the smart screen based media, today we are able to connect with our friends and families sitting in a different corner of earth. It has provided us with a great platform to share our lives in the form of videos, photos, text, audio and sketches at just a single touch of our fingertip. No companion is too far.

 Apart from the socializing benefits, screen based media gives us an easy access to the whole world of knowledge and information regarding anything that one can think of. At an instant a confusion can be cleared and a question can be answered. There are abundant videos and references which can help provide ample amount of learning. New ideas can be generated and transformed.

 Screen based media has proven to be an asset for developing businesses by providing online portals and quick access. People can be easily raced and meetings are quickly held no matter if the person is at a far distance, connection is established.

 This media is a platform for getting news, exchanging thoughts, products and services, sharing feelings and also gaming.

 Gaming is a sector where the screen media has played a major role to compete against the best people around the world. It has developed to form a sensor based system which does require our physical effort for performance. Physical activity should be brought in prominence while talking about screen based media. Regarding gaming, the major drawback is that the importance of outdoor games is overlooked. Children now a days just want to sit in the house and play on their screen based game. Physical activity for every human being is mandatory for a good health.

 Screen based media should not overlook the importance of physical movement and should thus come up with advancing solutions accordingly.

 The hazard that screen based media is bringing in is strongly related to health issues. Due to the lack of physical activity and work, natural human health is deteriorating. Another disadvantage of screen based media is concerning the security of a person’s business or life. As everything is available on screen, cracking or decoding of any system and any data is possible. Knowingly or unknowingly people are exposing themselves to the world and there is no sense of privacy. Cyber crime and cyber assault is now a big issue. Content of any design or text can be easily leaked in various ways of downloading.

 The screen based social media is snatching away the childhood from the teenagers and rendering them mature at a very young age.

 Although screen based media is a technological revolution and has infinite constructive characteristics, the unwanted impacts are conjoined to this revolution. Nevertheless, every coin has two faces and the perspective of looking at a glass half full or half empty rests with the onlooker. Behaving in accordance to one’s perception and thought is the key to reckon and rejoice this age of screen based media.


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