Designing Furniture!

While getting deeply involved in designing the furniture for kindergarten students, I came across a very basic question for myself – What is the need to design the furniture for kids? Can’t the chair designs produced for adults be reduced in size and produced for kindergarten? I was also drowning in the vicious thought of What is the need at all to deign a piece of furniture?

After thinking on my own and reading a couple of articles here and there, I realized that furniture design is important to serve a particular function for the user. It can be further enhanced by incorporating multiple functions in a single piece of furniture.

The most important factor responsible for designing a furniture is anthropometry – which is the measurement of the human beings for producing a product suitable for their height so that there are no physical health problems.

I also felt that aesthetics of a furniture is important but it should not compromise with the function of the furniture.

The key is to initially think only about incorporating the functions in the simplest possible way and then follow the form of the furniture to come up with an apt design solution.

I hope this formula of designing furniture helps me solve all the design problems that come my way!


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