Tradition does …

Tradition does not mean wearing ‘Dhoti’ and ‘Phenta’ or ‘Sari’ or ‘Burqua’, or eating on the floor or reciting ‘Hanuman Chalisa’. It is looking at things of value of the past and giving it an existential meaning in today’s context. Is tradition an asset or a burden. Are we able to contribute something today that the future generation will fondly call ‘Tradition’?

This actually makes me think and question – Ain’t I one of the major persons responsible for bringing out tradition in terms of dwelling places?

I visited one beautiful contemporary yet traditional Kerala architecture home. I was awing at the way the residents, who were builders themselves, embraced their culture and tradition by using the basic elements of their homeland architecture – Kerala.

I suddenly went back to the beginning of my research from where I had started and what I wanted to know – “Where has the Indian Architecture disappeared?” and yet How has the western influences affected the taste and nature of design in India.

Looking at that house, my intention of producing a futuristic concept of a house has been grounded to produce something with an amalgamation of Indian traditional and modern!







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