What is the difference?!

Whenever I am going around to meet people, they ask me, “what do you do?” to which I reply, “I am an Interior Designer”. They instantly get excited listening to what my profession is and start talking about their houses and taking suggestions regarding the decor of their houses.

While vising various houses for field study as a part of my research project, I have constantly been in discussions with the house owners about various topics. One of the most common discussions that I usually have with people and I came across once again was – “What is the difference between an architect and an Interior Designer”?

People always have this notion that an interior designer’s job is to do the decor of a house. Decide the colors and texture and materials of a house. An architect is the person who makes the house.

To this, all I have to say is, an interior designer is the person who is responsible for the space planning and design. An interior designer’s job is not only to decide the color and texture but also to make the house from the beginning. A structural engineer may be consulted though for providing the technical input about the structure.

Now, as I was searching for books on interior/space layouts of houses of the past decades, I thought I would get some data from the architectural books. But, to my surprise, for the first time I noticed that architecture in the past, majorly constituted of construction of temples, mausoleums, palaces and other public buildings which were huge in scale. Nowhere in the architectural books I came across the plans of the small scale dwelling houses of the common people.

Then I thought to myself, even today, the architects are responsible for building full communities for residential purposes and also the public buildings such as malls, recreation center etc. Having this thought, I thought to myself, can’t I ever build these structures!? I was gratified by my inner self because it very confidently said, if I want I can.

And then again, I thought to myself – “What exactly is the difference between an architect and an interior designer?”












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