Transformation of a living Space….What is a Living Room?

As mentioned in my earlier post, I have began with a research project based on the evolution of design. Here is the description and introduction of what exactly led me to choose the subject “What is a Living Room?”

I had a hard time refining my research question or you may say narrowing it down from a larger frame to a to-the-point, crisp and meaningful output.

I enjoyed reading through the books on history of Interior Design and discovering the answers to my questions before reaching the end.

I started with my study seeing around me the changes that are taking place in the design style and to know more about where is the current global minimalistic style of interior architecture coming from. I wanted to know what Indian design style was and where has it disappeared. As I started reading and researching, it came to my knowledge that design styles have been evolving. Especially post World War, the style of design changed thoroughly. The designs focused on function of any object, space or product instead of the on face beauty. Designers produced designs which were simplistic in nature. There were people who accepted the minimalism with open arms and there were people who refrained from accepting. This change was readily accepted by the majority of population and thus kept on evolving throughout.

I have been observing the change in the trend of designing a house in India. While looking all around myself I often wondered how has the basic layout of a house changed since a recent past where there were boundaries which formed various spaces for every different function that had to be performed. I also came across the change in the function of a living area since childhood – from how a place of receiving guests formally, it had become a space for family get together and soon became a common place for dining and living with the latest trends of incorporating the kitchen as a part of it.

 I also noticed that in the present scenario, a living space is  marked by the placement of sofa sets and tables and some other informal seating furniture. Everywhere I went, the modern living area is marked by similar pieces of furniture. Moreover, in the present culture, the financial well being of hosts is judged on the basis of the grandeur of the living space because practically that is the only space which comes in contact with the guests of a house.

All these trends led me to think from where did the idea and term of a ‘living space’ evolve. I also thought that in what form any place as a living space existed since the medieval period of interior architecture. If they at all existed, what were the functions that happened in that space. It occurred to me that the changes that are taking place are due to the modernization of people, their way of working and being a part of their family. Having this thought, it became interesting for me to think that if the changes in the ideology and works of people have affected the form and function of a space then how could it possibly change with the future.

As I am personally interested in working with the open and closed spaces inside a house which governs the flow of natural light and wind, I wish to research, understand, predict and develop an ideal living space concept for a family living in 2030, keeping in mind the possible changes that could take place with the changing ideology and activities of the people, considering the hypothetical hobbies, professions, life style and resources of the assumptive family members. I also wish to study the need and type of furniture that can be used in a living space.

For carrying out this research, a large percentage of data for my research will be taken form the live case studies of various houses falling into the following categories based on the family type:

  • Designers’ Perspective – Houses currently being designed by renowned architects and designers
  •  Joint family residence
  • Couple’s Residence
  • Single occupancy Residence
  • Nuclear family Residence
  • Bohra/Muslim family residence
  • Christian family residence

Taking up this research is giving me immense pleasure at every step I climb on. There are new academic and factual discoveries everyday that are so interesting that they make my day.

I will continue posting a lot about my research soon. Graphical representations, conclusions and reflections will follow them soon.




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