Searching for a dormant state!

Ever since I completed my first semester at Srishti school of Art, Design and Technology, I had been feeling out of possession of my passion, my interest of being an Interior Designer. Once after completing the semester, I knew what I did not want to do. I was continuously questioning to myself – ‘What was I here for?’ While doing whatever I was doing and by continuously trying to connect my learning to ‘something’ that I wanted to do, something that had to be more productive, something that should have made me think deeper in terms of design and something that was to deepen my knowledge and give me a platform for doing it in-depth what I had done, I discovered that I did learn how to conceptualize or in fact, what conceptualization is!

As I was continuously trying to get myself involved in the kind of work that had to be done in the memory lab by incorporating my learning into a form, towards the end of this lab, I could judge that my passion, my vigor for what I get the visions of – of designing spaces, of designing furniture, of coming up with innovative ideas and working on it, of facing the problems while trying to execute my idea and then working on it to manifest what I thought, of acquiring a vision of any thing and work to get the final output, are being lost by me somewhere.

I knew I had to take a back, to stop, to think about – not what I wanted to do but am I really happy? where is this taking me? what after this? should i continue the same way that i am? should i give a chance to something that can come my way and interest me to forge towards it?  And then, while thinking through for days, I after a long time sat back on my laptop and glanced at the subscribed e-newsletter by freshomeInstantly all my thoughts passed by and my passion for design got its way back in my mind.

I thought to myself that the coming term, I will use for productivity, for working on something that would direct me through the procedure of design thinking and development.

While thinking through, I chose to take up an individual research project, where I can see the trends in the change and evolution of interior architecture in India and can come up with a design thought and research on  a defined space in a house.

I also chose to take up designing furniture for kindergarten kids.

While working through these two projects, I feel that I have got my inspiration back. This has been brought back to me while once again coming in contact with the kind of work that I always wanted to do.

I now know, that I have to work on the same things that I did to get a finesse in my work because fine finish lacks to a great extent in whatever I do. I realized my weaknesses of leaving things in a state where they can be called completed but not finished.

Every day there are new confusions, new thoughts and new decisions. All the thought processing happening in my mind, refrained me from writing or getting things out on paper. This process had surrounded me only by thoughts but then I had to come out for action.

There is a vibrating and thought radiating state of mind which is wandering around in all the activities that are happening and trying to find a dormant stage where the mind is still and the heart is rejoicing. The state of satisfaction and confidence…..(will be clear with my further blog posts)


One thought on “Searching for a dormant state!

  1. Hi Surabhi, this is a really good reflective post that shows where you are at right now. Keep it going! I would like to read more about you confusions, thoughts and decisions.

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