Outsourcing from a city!

Being new in a city, any city for that matter, leaves an all new opportunity of exploring it with different ideas and angles without having the ego of you knowing everything about the place.

I had this amazing opportunity of exploring my current city – Bangalore for outsourcing the ‘waste’ material for my workshop project.

During the span of two weeks of the workshop, we happened to visit the market place almost everyday which was nearly 25kms from our working place.

I happened to explore the plugged market area on foot. It was amazing to see the span and variety of commodities in the market. It was wondrous to gaze at the colorful and harmonious fascicles of objects.

As we had to work in pairs for our projects, me and my partner had this wonderful experience of exploration. I was inspired and learned to chase the necessary required things for creating what we intended to create from my partner.

As we had to outsource waste material, we discovered the huge ‘kabadi‘ or waste and recycle market. By visiting that area on a daily basis we realized how huge that ‘industry’ was.

We dealt with the acts of negotiation of prices on waste and I did realize that even waste does not come for free. I realized how important it is for me as an interior designer to know the reality of prices of the materials.

I learned how to price products, my own creations for that matter.

One of the most eventful day was when we outsourced the waste/empty metal oil cans for creating our product. Both of us got three oil cans from the market to out institute’s workshop. The feeling of contentment was filled in me. I felt that I was actually doing something productive while I was buying, transporting and working with the material towards a specific goal – development of a concrete product.

This act of material outsourcing, especially waste material (because it required even more efforts), has rejuvenated enthusiasm in me for working towards a set idea and chasing my own thoughts for achieving the final output of any design that has been created my me and working towards it to make it exactly the way I thought of it.




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