Happy Realization!

Words become extinct when you realize that what is it exactly that interests you to give you “the” happiness, when you finally know what is it that you can adopt for your lifetime as a profession, what it is like to feel content and worthy of what you have done.

For four years now, I have been looking up to one of the great architects/designers who has constantly been my idol. I look up to her and her works for being inspired and continue to work hard in the right direction. Her name is Zaha Hadid. She is an Irani-British based architect and her works clearly show her futuristic ideas and approach of working. The element that adds to my inspiration is the fact she is a female.

After constantly looking at her works and having the desire of being recognized for my own works, I thought and decided to intern with her, for learning from her. When I started to accumulate my works for sending them to her, I realized that I have nothing qualitatively productive to present before her.

I suddenly realized what my interest actually lies in – it is ‘productivity’. I realized that whatever I was doing now at Srishti, needed to improve upon its quality. I realized that I have done nothing so far to reach where I intended to reach and this may be due to lack of satisfaction in the final output of work. I realized, that I am meant to be an interior designer because my heart tells me to forge into that direction. It starts pumping faster whenever I look at beautiful spaces. The only thought that strikes my mind while looking around is ‘I have to create such places and things’. Earlier, before joining Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, I knew that my weakness lies in the lack of developing concepts and ideation and being here, I could myself feel the change and adaptation in my thinking. I realized that this is a great platform to explore my ideas because we have the freedom of working in our own mediums.

I know I have to work with her but I am now giving time to myself to prepare to show her my work. I have finally realized and decided to dedicate myself into productive output. I realized, that for me and my practice, concept is important but what matters the most is presentation and the finished output.

Although here I have been asked to explore different possibilities that could be available, but when I was trying to let go and explore, I was encountered by my own interest and it made me I realize that that was it. My interest lies in development of spaces and products and making people feel what I want them to feel in that space created.

I thereby have started connecting all the points of learning and taking from around me everything that is important for developing my practice.

“Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything.” – NAPOLEAN HILL


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