What is cloth!

In our monday course days, we are undertaking the “Artistic Practices” classes where we are developing our creativity via various different techniques. The first being, producing 30 sketches every week.

This idea of a sketchbook, is way too different from that of the normal sketchbook. This sketchbook does not include the usual sketches but all the confusions, interests and inspirations of an individual. The main idea behind this sketch book is to revive the thought process of own self when looking at it any time later. 

The second thing that we are working on is, picking up a material and working with it – in groups as well as individually! One material is worked on for three weeks for studying it to some extent.

These first three weeks have been allotted to ‘Cloth’, as  a material where for the first two weeks we have worked in groups.

We mainly identified cloth as a shell, where shell has a broader meaning of shelter engulfing or protecting everything that is within it.

We, as a group used calico, a continuous piece of calico to question the identity of a person. The concept of our artwork was to show imprisonment of a human. We were meant to show that how man is imprisoned within the boundaries of the society, of his emotions and of any other individual. How his clothes define who is he and determine the way a person has to act in life – emotionally, socially and personally. For portraying the same, we chose to use a single piece of cloth to cover each member of the group continuously in cloth with three different types of garments and expressions. For example, we had thought of covering one person in a lungi, a bear chest and a covered face, the other a chinese face, cape and under pant and so on the third one.

What we finally ended up doing was covering the first person completely and showing his bear chest, lungi and covered face. The concept now shifted to what gives an identity to the individual? The answer that came out was a person’s thinking/mentality, rest everything is a means of hiding what you actually are.

We further evolved with different concepts with the same piece of art work, the first one being, cloth can redefine the physique or characteristic of a girl and a boy. This was clear when the bear-chest garment was worn by me. The other concept that we derived from the art work was, anyone can disguise themselves and deceive others merely by hiding their own identity by means of different styling. The figure appearing out of the dark wearing the art work and covering his face was disguised as phantom.

What I learned from this activity as a group is the development of a concept. We used cloth with its basic property but now, as an individual, I would like to work with cloth structurally. Cloth is a material that flows, can be stiff and soft and can be engineered for getting required strength. I am yet to explore these aspects of cloth and am looking forward for working with it to get the desired output.Image




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