Journey Started!

How time flies! I just realised it is already a week since we had started with our academic curriculum. The best part of it is…it does not seem like an ‘academic‘ curriculum – yet I am burdened with work and yes…enjoying this feeling and loving being busy again.

There is another good in fact very good factor about joining this institute – I see my purpose of being here being solved. The reason behind why I chose to study further was, to simply develop my creative thinking skills because as I have mentioned earlier ‘my goal’, I felt a terrible need of building up design thinking. Srishti has made me do that in just a week…and I am sure this would go to a great extent such that thinking about everything that passes by me or carrying anything forward that comes to my mind, is injected in my blood.

It is just a week and I have started clicking whatever interests me even a bit, I have started thinking about the ways I can carry forward the project assigned to me even when I am walking down to another campus.

Here at Srishti, I am a part of the ‘Memory Lab’, where I have to represent memories using sound and image in any creative form of my choice and I have chosen to go for a three dimensional form to keep close to my goal again. Let me define ‘Image’ here as this word has false meanings in many people’s mind – ‘Image is a physical likeness or representation of a person, animal, or thing, photographed, painted, sculpted or otherwise made visible’ or it may also be defined as ‘a mental representation – an idea or conception’.

So, looking forward to come up with some innovative creative representations and things will be continuously posted.

There are a few more things that have impressed me at Srishti, the first being the wireless connection of everything. Everything meaning, all electric equipments and this, is not just limited to the faculty but righfully for the students too. The main thing I want to point out here is the printing capability. I am impressed by the management, the way all laptops are configured and each person on campus is provided with the ‘print codes’ which can be used freely in any campus for printing any document from one’s own laptop – and all this, wirelessly! Incredible!

The other thing that caught my attention was – ‘the toilets’ – clean, hygienic and aromatic! :)….next, the students are helpful, the city is beautiful and the citizen are dutiful (just rhyming).

So, now when everything has fallen in place, I am set back for working and working more and learning and preaching.

This is how the journey has started…this is how I know it will carry on….





Just an Introduction…!


Just to let you know about me and this blog in brief for the start.

I am Surabhi Singhal from Indore. I am an Interior Designer and have chosen the Open Pathway Advanced Diploma Program at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore, for developing my skills as a furniture-interior designer and be a better practitioner as a freelancer.

For me, ‘design’ equates ‘passion’. I want to keep learning, exploring and growing from anything and everything that comes across me in life while I work.

I want my work to become my signature.

This blog is primarily created as a commencement of display of my work – mainly for my own self, to review and revive the content of my work. However, your comments can help me think about the coming up projects from a different perspective.

Through the ‘Reflective Practice’ module, I am expecting to improve my quality of work as a designer.

Looking forward to a great experience while blogging.

Watch for updates against my interests and work!